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HVACR Educators Conference - Exhibitor Registration Is Open.  
A recent energy study showed that 85% of replacement residential air conditioning systems were improperly installed. It further showed that 72% of the systems were over sized, 68% improperly charged, 70% had improper air flow.

What we can as in industry do to better ensure technicians are properly trained and this does not happen? We need to make education at the center of our industry.

Never has this statement been more true than today. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics conducted a detailed analysis of over 700 occupations and 300 industries. In this report they show that by the year 2020 - 65.6% of the HVACR service technicians will be people not in out industry today.

If the next generation of HVACR service technicians is properly trained we can resolve many of our unwarranted warranty claims, poor installation problems, etc. If they are not properly trained, our problems can greatly multiply.

The role of training the next generation of HVACR service technicians falls upon HVACR educators at community colleges, apprenticeship programs, trade schools and high school HVACR programs.

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Their success or failure will directly impact the entire industry. A properly trained workforce can reduce manufacturers warranty claims, can reduce customers energy cost, and reduce callbacks.

To support the efforts of these instructors we need to make certain that they have all of the continuing education they need.

HVAC Excellence host the National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference an annual train the trainer event. This conference provides HVACR educators the training need on changing technologies, sustainable technologies, best practices, regulatory changes and much more.

The conference is an opportunity for HVACR manufacturers and other industry leading groups to show their support of HVACR education. This is done through train the trainer sessions, exhibiting or sponsorship.

HVAC Excellence is pleased to announce that exhibitor registration is now open for the 2013 HVACR Educators Conference. In addition, a call for presenters has been sent out to manufacturers and industry leaders.

Information on the 2013 HVAC Excellence National HVACR Educators and Trainers Conference is available at or by calling 1-800-986-3726.




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