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Venice's “Best Heating & Air Conditioning Company” Offers HVAC Technician Jobs.

Tri County Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc. is pleased to announce that they have won the 1st Place title of “Venice’s Best Heating & Air Conditioning Company” in the Herald-Tribune’s 2015 Reader’s Choice Awards. They are also now expanding and offering more HVAC technician jobs and training through the Tri County Comfort Institute.


Since its establishment in 1977, Tri County Air has been known for serving the Sarasota, Manatee and Charlotte counties with excellence in order to bring honor to Jesus Christ. They are now one of the largest air conditioning and heating companies in the area, with over 90 established employees and even more being trained daily.

The Tri County Family is overjoyed to receive the Herald-Tribune's 1st Place title for "Venice's Best Heating & Air Conditioning Company" and will continue to work hard to earn the area's business.

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A lot has happened for Tri County so far in 2015. The Tri County Comfort Institute (TCCI) was launched early this year with the goal of grooming new recruits, with little or no HVAC experience, to be prepared to work in the field with confidence and accuracy. This is no small task, especially because these new team members are expected to launch into the field with the ability to get work done correctly the first time – the Tri County way.

The weighty mission statement: “To comfort all in such a way that (1) they are compelled to tell others about their experience and (2) it honors the Great Comforter, Jesus Christ” is, and will continue to be, the focus of Tri County in everything they do. Interested in HVAC technician jobs? Please follow these application instructions to apply to TCCI: Tri County Employment Opportunities

In addition to establishing TCCI, the Tri County family has also announced their weekly $100 Tri County Cool Car Contest on Facebook. In order to enter the contest, just take a picture of any Tri County vehicle, post it onto their Facebook page and watch the always-entertaining announcement video posted every Monday. Not picked? That is ok, just keep submitting pictures to be entered each week for the $100 drawing.

All in all, be sure to keep in touch with Tri County. They are more than just an air conditioning company, they truly aim to bring comfort everywhere they go and in all they do.




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