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Uniweld Launches The New SmarTech™ Digital Manifold With Bluetooth Connectivity to Their Complementary SmarTech™ App for The HVAC Industry.


Uniweld Products, Inc. is excited to introduce their new SmarTech™ Digital Manifold and free SmarTech™ App for use in the HVAC/R industry as well as their new SmarTech™ Digital Vacuum Gauge.

Uniweld Products is very proud to introduce their new SmarTech™ Digital Manifold Part# USMAN5. In this digital age, and with more digital products entering the HVAC/R market every year, SmarTech™ strives to simplify service work for all technicians.

A new website,, has been created to showcase Uniweld’s new SmarTech™ Digital Manifold. Visit the website for a complete overview of the digital manifold and learn how it works in conjunction with the free SmarTech™ app, available on Android and iOS devices.

The SmarTech™ app clearly displays temperature and pressure readings and automatically calculates Superheat and Subcooling calculations in real-time as the temperature and pressures fluctuate. All of the guess work is taken out of properly charging a system with the Smart Charge Zone™ feature. Color indicators signal whether the system is overcharged (red), undercharged (blue), or has an accurate “in the zone” system charge (green). Technicians can choose from 109 refrigerant types and create a custom list of their most commonly used refrigerants.

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Professionalism is enhanced with the System Performance Reporting. Visit the SmarTech™ website to see a video that highlights all of the features and advantages of the SmarTech™ Digital Manifold as well as all of the accessories included in the bundle. The SmarTech™ Digital Manifold by Uniweld is unexpectedly more.

The SmarTech™ Digital Manifold is complimented and works flawlessly with Uniweld’s new SmarTech™ Digital Vacuum Gauge Part# UVG. This vacuum gauge is very compact in design and instantly displays accurate vacuum measurements (0-25,000 microns) in Microns, Pascals, Millibar, and mmHg on an easy to read LCD screen. The UVG features self-calibration without the need of other equipment and an automatic oil sensor that indicates when the gauge needs to be cleaned. The UVG SmarTech™ Digital Vacuum Gauge will be available early in 2016 so keep an eye out for this exciting new piece of tech from Uniweld Products.




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