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MSD Research, Inc., an innovator of HVAC products announced the launch of its ALL-ACCESS Condensate Cleanout Device.

The Model AA1 device installs easily into ¾ or 1 PVC drain lines in either the horizontal or vertical position. Once installed, the technician will never need to cut the drain line again to service it.

The ALL-ACCESS device allows the drain line to be cleared by attaching a nitrogen hose to the top fitting and clearing the drain line downstream from the unit. The flapper assembly inside the device automatically closes to seal off the drain leading back into the unit. Once the nitrogen pressure is removed the device remains completely open and permits the full flow of condensate.

The device also protects the drain line from being over pressurized by releasing air through the top cover if too much pressure is sensed; it is recommended that no more than 30 psi be used to clear a line.

The flapper holder assembly inside the device can be easily removed allowing the technician to use the included adaptor to vacuum or blow out the drain line in either direction using any method they prefer.

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By removing the flapper holder assembly the technician can easily add drain line cleaner if
desired.  The top cover of the device can be removed if necessary and the latch can be easily operated in tight spaces.

For the rare case of two air handlers tied into one drain line, the AA1 comes with a flapper closer tool, which when installed into the top cover keeps the flapper closed and turns the device into a shutoff valve allowing the tech to clear the other units drain line.
There is also an inexpensive insulation for the device sold separately for installing in
unconditioned spaces such as garages & attics.

The AA1-INS fits the device perfectly making it easy to install and also creates a better
appearance.  This device will be available to the wholesale trade this August.
We believe that this product will help HVAC companies save time and money and make drain line service a breeze.

For more information about this product please contact MSD Research, Inc. at Visit us at




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