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HVAC Product Preview

Klein Tools® Launches Digital Tone and Probe Kit for Toning and Tracing Wires on Active Networks.

Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces the new Digital Tone and Probe Kit, allowing trade professionals to trace and locate network cables more effectively within bundles, at switches, patch panels or termination blocks.

Digital Tone and Probe Set (Cat. No. VDV500-920)
• Tone on cables connected to a switch or router without disconnecting cables
• Rugged Angled Bed of Nails (ABN) to trace on unstripped wires
• Map wires to check for pin-to-pin connections
• Test for continuity and polarity
• 60Hz filter for accurate tracing
• Includes: Digital Tone Generator (VDV500-163), Digital Tracing Probe (VDV500-223) Digital Tone Generator Leads (VDV999-920), Zipper Pouch (VDV770-500)

“Klein Tools’ new Digital Tone and Probe Kit offers digital and analog signaling all in one toner and probe,” says Elvin Bautista, product manager at Klein Tools. “Designed with powerful cable tracing and locations technology for any work environment, you can use the digital mode to trace and locate data cables on active networks and use the analog mode to isolate individual wire pairs and trace voice, data, video, and audio cables.”

For more information, visit

T&S Offers Compression Thermostatic Mixing Valve.

T&S Brass and Bronze Works, a leading manufacturer of commercial plumbing fixtures, has announced the addition of a compression thermostatic mixing valve to its parts and accessories options.

The new 3/8" compression thermostatic mixing valve ensures water is delivered at the ideal temperature and helps prevent scalding accidents. The valve features solid, low-lead brass construction and integral check valves to prevent backflow and crossflow.

Built with a vandal-resistant locking temperature adjustment knob, the compression thermostatic mixing valve can be ordered with or without a cold-water bypass tee. The tee can also be purchased separately. It meets all U.S. and Canada certification requirements.

See specs and more information about the new compression thermostatic mixing valve from T&S on our website.

Allied Air Enterprises Helps Distributors Get Ahead of the Curve with Early Introduction of Armstrong Air® and AirEase™ 17 SEER AC Units
Particularly Relevant to 2023 Southeast and Southwest Regions.

Allied Air Enterprises announces the new 4SCU17LE single stage air conditioner under the Armstrong Air® and AirEase™ brands, providing an efficiency range of 15 to 17 SEER. Allied Air launched the product in June 2022, proactively anticipating 2023 regional efficiency requirements in the Southeast and Southwest United States, where new minimum efficiency requirements are moving from 14 to 15 SEER or 14.3 SEER2 under the new testing standards.

According to the 2023 requirements, there is no sell-through period for non-compliant air conditioning units in these regions. This means distributors must have compliant products in stock well before January 1, 2023. 

Inside every 4SCU17LE single stage air conditioner, you’ll find a high level of technology and craftsmanship, backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty on the compressor* and a 10-year Limited Warranty on parts*

Visit to learn more.

Greenheck Introduces AMPLIFY Overhead Fans with Northern Light Technology.

AMPLIFY with Northern Light’s unique, patented design combines the air cleaning benefit of upper-room UV lighting with the air circulation capabilities of overhead fans. Upper-room UV lighting systems (also known as UVGI) have been used for decades to help control airborne pathogens in medical facilities and are recommended by the CDC, ASHRAE, and other organizations as part of a multilayer strategy to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The addition of air movement has been shown to increase UV-C’s effectiveness.

With Northern Light technology, non-ozone generating UV-C bulbs are installed inside the AMPLIFY fan blades and positioned toward the tips of the blades where the majority of air movement occurs for the most effective inactivation of pathogens. The uplight design directs UV-C light away from occupants and into the upper-room where air is being circulated by the fan, minimizing UV radiation exposure, for safer system operation. The result is a system that is more effective than traditional air cleaning technologies at inactivating airborne pathogens and distributing clean air in occupied spaces.   For more information visit

Johnson Controls Launches Highly Accurate, Contactless, Skin Temperature Scanning Solution.

The Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST. A healthy and safe environment starts with a holistic approach that encompasses not only a building's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) infrastructure, but adds temperature screening among protocols including contact tracing, frictionless entry and exits, and the practice of social distancing.

This contactless and highly accurate solution will be another tool in the first line of defense for building owners and operators as part of their pandemic safety measures.

TESTED AND SECURE SOLUTION At the heart of the Johnson Controls Smart Elevated Skin Temperature Scanning Solution is the Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST camera, which provides rapid scanning at accuracy levels that exceed standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), as tested and confirmed by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). In addition, the solution has been designed to meet the U.S. Food & Drug Administration's April 2020 Enforcement Policy for Telethermographic Systems.

Skin temperature scanning is done while people continue to walk. Embedded, advanced facial detection technology and rapid scanning times quickly alert operators to an elevated skin temperature reading. People don't need to stop or be approached by operators. This helps to reduce crowding and contributes to a contactless building entry experience for visitors and employees at businesses, schools, sporting and transportation venues, and other buildings.

The Tyco Illustra Pro Thermal EST is now available for sale in the United States and will be released globally in phases. Please contact your regional sales representative to discuss availability or visit

Armstrong Introduces New Design Envelope Stainless Steel Pumps.
Ideal for Domestic Water & Light Industrial Use.

Armstrong Fluid Technology announced that its popular Design Envelope (DE) 4380 Vertical In-Line pumps are now also available in Stainless Steel. Ideal for domestic water and light industrial use, these pumps are certified for safe drinking water systems to the NSF-61 and NSF-372 standards.

The new DE Stainless Steel Pumps can also be used in many light industry petroleum and chemical applications and offer the advanced Design Envelope solutions which includes DE Permanent Magnet (DEPM) motors, Parallel Sensorless Pump Control, built in Wi-Fi connectivity, touchscreen control and optional Pump Manager capability.”

The DE 4380 is available in six models ranging from 1 to 2hp, supporting performance levels from 10gpm to 1185gpm flow, and 10ft to 75ft head. It is designed for continuous low pressure circulation, including – water circulation, cooling towers, fountains, irrigation, spraying systems, condensate return, filtration and many other applications.

Visit for more information.

MagnaClean® Professional2XP™ Fits 1¼” NPT Iron Pipework to Combat Iron Oxide, Restoring Hydronic System Efficiency.

Iron oxide represents a serious problem for hydronic heating systems. Buildup of this damaging sludge can reduce heat transfer to the home by as much as 15 percent, and reduce boiler efficiency by up to 6 percent in only three weeks.*

This month, ADEY® introduces the MagnaClean® Professional2XP™, which virtually eliminates the problem.

“We expect this may well become our most popular filter yet,” says Director of U.S. Business Development, Tom Tonkins. “It’s designed to fit the most commonly used 1¼” NPT pipe size, and it can handle both large residential and light commercial applications.” 

Vital to system maintenance, the MagnaClean Professional2XP is part of a five-step Best Practice™ process pioneered by ADEY. Each step in the system combats water quality issues to maintain total hydronic heating system health, optimizing system performance and efficiency.

For more information please visit

Emerson introduces industry’s first WirelessHART power meter to improve equipment reliability and enable energy demand and consumption monitoring.

The new meter improves infrastructure management with real-time monitoring of voltage, current, power, energy and more.

Emerson has introduced the first WirelessHART Power Meter, making electrical demand and consumption measurement available via a secure and reliable network across numerous markets. In an ongoing effort to help customers face the challenge of meeting more stringent energy standards and improve equipment reliability, Emerson incorporated WirelessHART technology into a revenue-grade wireless power meter to deliver a unique measurement solution that will greatly improve energy efficiency and sustainability. WirelessHART communication technology ensures secure and reliable data transmission. 

For more information on the Wireless Power Meter please visit

NORTEK GLOBAL HVAC INTRODUCES NEW 14 SEER 3-PHASE LIGHT COMMERCIAL ROOFTOP UNIT Model R8GE will meet upcoming 2017 efficiency standards.

Nortek Global HVAC, a Nortek Company (Nasdaq: NTK) and a leading manufacturer of innovative HVAC systems, has launched a new 3-phase large packaged gas/electric system in 2 to 5 tons for light commercial use. Model R8GE delivers energy-efficient 14 SEER cooling in advance of new federal efficiency standards that will take effect on January 1, 2017.

“After January 1, no manufacturer will be able to produce 13 SEER 3-phase models under 65 MBTUH,” explains John Remley, Nortek Global HVAC product manager. “We are well ahead of this standards change with our new 14 SEER R8GE 3-phase model, giving our customers a competitive advantage in the market.” 

In addition to a higher efficiency level, model R8GE 3-phase includes several benefits for light commercial contractors:
• All-aluminum Micro-Channel evaporator and condenser coil
o Rugged and innovative design for longevity
o Lighter weight for easier hoisting
o Less refrigerant needed for comparable performance
• TXV for precise refrigerant control
• Five-speed ECM blower motor for challenging airflow applications
• Corner protectors for personal safety
• Factory-installed air filter racks and access panels for servicing convenience
• High-pressure switch and factory-installed refrigerant filter drier for added compressor protection

Nortek Global HVAC’s new gas/electric packaged system is offered in a wide range of capacity and voltage variations, making it the preferred choice for many retrofit and new project jobs. Model R8GE 3-phase is available in the Mammoth® and Reznor® brands of commercial HVAC equipment.

For more information about innovative Nortek Global HVAC products, contractors and distributors should visit

Armstrong introduces the IPS 4000 HVAC controller with sensorless design.

Armstrong Fluid Technology is introducing the IPS 4000 (Integrated Pumping System), a control solution that integrates with HVAC pumping units to optimize energy performance, system handling and installation, which does not rely on remote sensors.

Designed with the “sensor within”, the IPS 4000 series offers a comprehensive control solution that does not rely on remote sensors to optimize the control of any variable flow HVAC system. Featuring patented Best-Efficiency staging in a headered configuration, the IPS 4000 operates in either a stand-alone mode or networked through the BMS to maximize the performance profile of up to six pumps in 12 zones.  

Key features of the IPS 4000 include:

performance efficiency exceeding ASHRAE 90.1 2010, MEI 2015 compliant and achieving IE3;
easy installation and integration with existing HVAC systems;
field configurable by the user interface;
parallel Sensorless Technology;
cost certainty and lowest installed cost;
enhanced performance data for optimized staging of pumps;
multi-zone control;
control of the by-pass valve in the de-coupler line, ensuring minimum flow rate requirements;
automates variable primary pump stations in response to changing number of chillers/boilers; and
ability to read the flow from pumps, a flow meter or both.


New model P8SE is available in the Mammoth and Reznor brands.

St. Louis, November 12, 2015 — Light commercial contractors have a new three-phase electric/electric packaged cooling solution from Nortek Global HVAC. Model P8SE delivers 14 SEER cooling in capacity ranges from 3 to 5 tons in even tonnages, making it an energy-efficient choice for strip malls, restaurants and retail stores.

John Remley, Nortek Global HVAC product manager, says, “What makes model P8SE unique is its two anti-corrosion coils. Both the condenser and evaporator coils are all-aluminum Micro-Channel, increasing corrosion resistance while reducing overall weight and the amount of R-410A refrigerant needed.” 

In addition to the high-technology coils, model P8SE includes a five-speed ECM blower for greater range of airflow at higher statics. The new air conditioners also are TXV-controlled for precise refrigerant flow, have high pressures switches to protect the Copeland compressor, and come with factory-installed filter racks with convenient panels for filter change-out.

Model P8SE is available in Mammoth and Reznor brands with convertible air delivery for rooftop or slab applications. The new unit is appropriate for both retrofit and new construction applications.

For more information about this new light commercial air conditioner or other Nortek Global HVAC products, contractors and distributors should visit

New B-Wheel Backward-Curved Modules Feature ErP 2015 Compliant 3.3-kW EC Motors.

Award-winning Rosenberg B-Wheel backward curved fan modules are now available with ErP 2015 compliant 3.3 kW EC motors. The B-Wheel features a seven-blade design (instead of the standard eight) with a unique wheel geometry that provides for impeller efficiencies up to 78% while reducing noise by up to three dBA.

It also increases airflow compared to standard impellers operating at the same speed. The new B-Wheel modules are perfect for data center cooling applications and other demanding air-movement tasks with low noise and high efficiency requirements. The new modules are available in six sizes from 355-mm to 630-mm.

All Rosenberg fan motors are CE, UL and RoHS approved. Rosenberg EC motors are also ModBus compatible for easily networked system controls.

Rosenberg B-Wheel impellers feature all aluminum construction and robot-assisted welding. They are suitable for hygienic or outdoor applications without additional finishing or surface treatment. Visit Rosenberg for more information.

Berner's New Commercial Low Profile 8 Air Curtains Now Offer Heaters and Longer Lengths. Optional electric, steam or hot water heating coils add indoor air comfort and environmental separation for retail, institutional and commercial front doorways.

The Made-in-the-USA CLC08 Series is a product line redesign and amalgamation of Berner's former K-Zone, E-Zone Series air curtains and other commercial models in eight-inch-high cabinets. The competitively-priced CLC08 Series features standard options of two-speed air curtains in a 14-inch-deep cabinet to accommodate electric, hot water or steam heating coils and built-in controls. The addition of heat increases customer and employee comfort, making the CLC08 Series perfect for air sealing front doorways in retail, restaurants, institutions and other commercial applications requiring an aesthetic low profile. 

For more information on the CLC08 Series and other Berner air curtain products, please visit

Small but Mighty: Stinger 24V UV-C Light System Ideal for 3-ton-or-smaller Commercial HVAC Units. This 18-Watt, Externally Mounted UV Fixture is Designed to Kill Surface Mold and Bacteria, Restore System Efficiency and Reduce Maintenance on Hard-To-Access Equipment.

The Stinger UV-C fixture from UV Resources is designed to efficiently destroy surface microbes and organic materials that impede HVAC system efficiency, as well as contribute to allergies, poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), and airborne-transmitted disease.  Because the low voltage unit mounts from the exterior and requires no interior unit access, the Stinger UV-C lamp series is ideal for hard-to-access HVAC equipment up to 5 tons.

 For more information, call 877-UV4-HVAC (884-4822); or visit

Cambridge Engineering Announces New Ultra High Efficiency Space Heater. Easy to Install Addition to the SA-Series, the SA350, Benefits Commercial & Industrial HVAC Contractors

Introduced in 2013, the Cambridge SA-Series uses the same proven technology as the larger ultra high efficiency Cambridge S-Series, but is sized for efficient heating and ventilation of smaller spaces. Randy Niederer, Director of Marketing for Cambridge, noted, “the addition of the SA350 allows for greater end-user flexibility in an ‘off-the-shelf’ heater for spaces larger than the SA250 serves, but smaller than those served by our S-Series.”

The apparent simplicity of the SA-Series heaters hides the fact that they incorporate several patented and proprietary technologies, to provide legendary Cambridge dependability. As with other Cambridge heaters, the stainless steel burners are supported with the longest warranty in the industry (five full years), with all other components warranted for two years.

Cambridge Engineering has produced a 5-minute video explaining the features and benefits of the SA-Series, which is available for viewing here

Belimo New Flow Offering Available on 2” Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (ePIV).

The 2” ePIV offering is expanded to include five new factory set flow models from 80 to 100 GPM. To achieve these new flow settings the specification for operating differential pressure range is 8-50 psid and media temperature range is 39°F to 250°F [4°C to 120°C]. For these models field set maximum flow is adjustable from 30-100 GPM, in 1 GPM increments, with the ZTH US hand held tool or PC Tool.

For more information, contact Belimo at 1-800-543-9038 or visit the website at or

95% AFUE R8HE released in a downflow configuration.

Westinghouse® HVAC has expanded the R8HE gas/electric packaged system model to include a downflow configuration. The R8HE is the first condensing gas/electric packaged unit for residential applications and offers unprecedented heating efficiency – 95% AFUE.

When furnaces operate at such high levels of efficiency, condensate forms. With a gas/electric packaged system there is a fear that the condensate will freeze. The R8HE addresses this problem by piping the condensate into the building (in rooftop applications). This model also offers efficient, 14-SEER cooling capabilities.    

Additional features of the R8HE include:
• Micro-Channel Coils: Provide resistance to corrosion.
• Copeland® Scroll Compressor: Provides efficient, quality operation.
• SmartLite® Control Board: Extends the life of the ignitor.
• Corrosion-Resistant Drain Pan and Embossed Bottom Pan: Keep the blower compartment dry.

The quality of the Westinghouse R8HE gas/electric packaged system is backed by an exceptional parts warranty – a 10-Year Limited All-Parts Warranty and Quality Pledge (product registration required). To find out more about this high-quality heating and cooling system, contractors and distributors should visit

Berner Adds Longer One-Piece Models to Foodservice K-Zone, HVAC/R E-Zone Air Curtains.

EZN and KZN Series now protect doors up to 10-foot-wide from flying insects and energy losses in foodservice, dock-and-door and HVAC/R markets.

The EZN and KZN Series are now available in nine widths ranging from three to 10 feet, which eliminates the inconvenience and mismatches of combining smaller sizes to create a longer air curtain. Each new length model uses the same renowned, aesthetic E-Zone/K-Zone 8-1/2-inch (w) x 8-inch (d) cabinet design, the industry's smallest profile.  

Other benefits of the EZN and KZN Series are:

  • Single speed operation ensures compliance to NSF Standard, ANSI/NSF-37 certified airflow velocities for resisting flying insect and outdoor air infiltration.

  • Custom colors in durable power coat finishes.

  • Same cabinet appearance can be used in variety of doorway widths to promote a uniform style throughout a facility. 

  • Multiple air directional vanes vanes constructed of strong heavy-gauge aluminum assures proper deflection and airflow to the outdoor threshold.

  • A universal mounting system offers simple installation with flexible choices using a wall mounting plate for horizontal or vertical mounting, or integrated threaded inserts for vertical rod suspension. 

  • Five-year parts warranty from the oldest, most established air curtain manufacturer in the world.

  • Optional corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction for food processing, coastal or other corrosive environments.

For more information on the EZN, KZN and other Berner air curtain products, please visit, email or call (724)-658-3551.

DuctSox's New OvalSox™ Solves Low Clearance Challenges of HVAC Round Fabric or Metal Duct.

Unprecedented 47 to 93-inch-wide,11 to 22-inches-high oval-shaped fabric duct gains 13 to 27-inches of head room without sacrificing air volume.

OvalSox which ranges from 11 to 22-inches-high and 47 to 93-inches-wide, saves 13 to 27-inches of head room versus round HVAC fabric and metal duct alternatives. There's no air volume or air dispersion lost with OvalSox versus conventional duct that hangs too low and obstructs industrial overhead conveyors or high rising equipment. OvalSox is also ideal for datacenters with high rising security cages or low hung ceilings in offices and other commercial designs.    

OvalSox retains an inflated shape even during idle air handling periods with patent-pending polyester ropes and supportive fiberglass rods for structural integrity. Six 3/16-inch-diameter ropes are sewn into the fabric interior at nine to 14-inch increments, which also present an aesthetic pleated effect. Additionally, 3/8-inch-diameter corrosion-proof white fiberglass rods are attached via sewn-in clips atop the fabric surface to accentuate an inflated appearance. OvalSox is ceiling hung with two easily-installed rows of cable or H-track suspension systems, that also help keep an inflated shape with minimal sag.
OvalSox is superior to metal ductwork in that it offers a variety of air dispersion options, such as air porous fabric, linear vents, nozzles and orifices.

For more information on OvalSox or DuctSox's total line of textile air dispersion products and accessories, please visit or call 866-DUCTSOX.

Viega Introduces New Radiant Control Products.

New radiant controls and valves offer easy installation and operation.

Viega introduces new products for hydronic and HVAC applications that allow for easy installation and system integration. The new control products include:

• 0-10V DC Powerhead which provides short response times and self-calibrates every 24 hours. The powerhead features a plug-in connection cable and 360-degree installation position. The compact design, noiseless function, low power consumption and maintenance-free performance are additional benefits.

• 0-10V DC Actuator provides short response times, which results in improved control response for radiant systems.

• Zone Valve that features easy installation with Viega ProPress and PEX Press adapters supplied. The zone valve’s thermal electric motor allows for easy wiring in two- and four-wire applications.

• Thermostat with intuitive, menu-driving programming and icons for easy use. The thermostat integrates well with a variety of HVAC equipment and mounts to drywall or junction box with easy color-coded wire connections.

For more information, visit

Buderus Offers Energy-Saving GB142 Condensing Boiler in Four Models.

Trusted Buderus quality and high efficiency come together in the GB142 modulating gas condensing boiler. With four models supplying from 84,800 to 214,800 BTU/hr, and cascades of up to 16 units for even higher outputs, the GB142 can provide sufficient heating comfort for any type and size of home or small to medium business.

 - AFUE efficiency rating of 95%
 - ENERGY STAR certified
 - Whisper quiet operation
 - GB142 Models come with controls and manifold

The GB142’s “whisper quiet” modulating operation – with output modulations between 30% and 100% - is matched to actual heat demand to save energy. With an AFUE rating of 95% the GB142 is one of the most efficient condensing boilers on the market today and is ENERGY STAR certified. Purchasing homeowners may qualify for federal, state, local and utility rebates.

With its integral aluminum heat exchanger and large surface area, the GB142
provides reliable condensing operation all year long.

The Buderus GB142 includes advanced and easy-to-control integrated EMS controls for outdoor reset and control of an optional indirect domestic hot water tank. Adding a Buderus hot water tank or additional control is quick and easy. Because it comes with a prefabricated, low-loss header manifold to always ensure proper flow rate through the boiler, installation of the GB142 is one of the fastest in the industry. GB142 models are approved for PVC horizontal and vertical venting.

For complete details on the Buderus family of GB142 models, visit and click on Gas Heating/Gas Condensing Boilers.

New Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II™ unitary control incorporates variable air volume technology.

Johnson Controls introduces the Simplicity® Intelli-Comfort II™ unitary control that now incorporates variable air volume (VAV) technology utilizing a variable frequency drive (VFD) and new IntelliSpeed™ multiple speed airflow control technology.

The new Intelli-Comfort II monitors and controls York's 3-12.5 ton Predator™ Packaged Units and 15-25 ton Sunline™ Packaged Units, Coleman’s 3-12.5 ton Outfitter™ Packaged Units and 15-25 ton Apex™ Packaged Units, and Luxaire’s 3-12.5 ton Ovation™ Packaged Units and 15-25 ton Optimum™ Packaged Units.

The control also provides the following features:

• Factory or field configurable to operate from a field installed thermostat or zone/space sensor.
• Energy savings through the intelligent control of fans, economizer, compressors and other functions.
• Seven-day scheduling, 20-day vacation scheduling and monitoring for predictive maintenance, reducing service calls.
• Optional IntelliSpeed meets ASHRAE 90.1-2010 and Title 24 for reduced supply fan airflow and outdoor requirements.

For more information about York products, visit

Service management software designed to streamline business operations between the field & office. Developed by an HVAC Contractor for the HVAC Industry.

No system can be all things to all people.
At MO.S.T. our philosophy is  centered around providing a system that will not just duplicate what is  already out there but innovate the way you do business.

Call us to discuss your company's goals and future plans. We will help you determine if our software solution matches your companies needs.
MO.S.T. - Contractor was written by a contractor so we know your industry frustrations and have answers.  Call 877.667.8001 x103 or email us at

Greenheck’s Housed Plenum Array Ideal for New or Retrofit Air Handler Applications.
Greenheck’s newest addition to its plenum fan line, Housed Plenum Array Model HPA, is designed for fan array installations in air handler applications. Model HPA features a direct drive galvanized plenum fan mounted inside a sound attenuating housing. Integrated isolators between the fan and housing reduce vibration, eliminating the need for isolators and gaskets between modules.

Available in ten wheel sizes (15 inch to 36 inch) and three different housing options (compact, standard and large), Model HPA is ideal for replacement or air handler applications as its small, light-weight design makes it easy to move, stack and install. Model HPA is licensed to bear the AMCA seal for Sound and Air Performance.  For more information about Greenheck products, visit

NexTraq Fleet Tracking increases productivity for the HVAC and plumbing industry.
With the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform, HVAC and plumbing managers have the ability to generate reports such as the Start/Stop Report and Begin/End Day Report to help reduce overhead costs and increase productivity. NexTraq customers have already seen increased productivity as well as a reduction in operational costs.

Paul Giglio, President and Owner of Pipe Works Services, said, “Because the drivers know their behavior and workday profiles are being monitored, we have increased overall fleet productivity by 35% while reducing fuel costs by 20%.”

In addition to increased productivity, Absolute Comfort Technologies was also able to automate its payroll process, gaining more accurate labor costs. Shockley adds, “We have a better handle on our payroll hours by using the Start/Stop Report as a weekly time card and the Begin/End Day Summary Report.”

For more information on the NexTraq Fleet Tracking platform and its benefits for the HVAC and plumbing industry, please visit or call 800.358.6178.

Bosch Greenstar Series Boilers Set New Standard in Ultra Efficient Home Comfort.
New line of Energy Star-certified wall mounted boilers offer space heating and domestic hot water with up to 98.7 percent efficiency. The Bosch Greenstar™ series, available in configurations ranging from 57.2 to 151.6 MBH, utilize condensing technology – an invention where the latent heat in the unit’s exhaust gases is extracted and re-used – a highly efficient use of energy which also significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.  All Bosch Greenstar boilers come with a limited five-year parts and labor warranty and a lifetime heat exchanger warranty. For more information, please visit or your local certified Bosch dealer.
Venstar’s New ColorTouch Commercial Touch Screen Thermostat Lets Businesses Display Logos, Ads or Promotions on the Thermostat Screen.
Venstar®, a leading thermostat and energy management systems supplier, today announced the launch of ColorTouch™ Commercial, a multi-functional, simple-to use, touch screen thermostat designed for commercial installations.

With ColorTouch Commercial, users can display their business logos, advertisements or promotions on their thermostat screens as a slideshow screensaver or background wallpaper. 
ColorTouch Commercial also includes a 365-day holiday programmer, automatically updatable firmware, and added security for public display. ColorTouch Commercial is priced at approximately half the cost of competitive touch screen thermostats.
For more information, visit:

Unobtrusive, Quiet Through Wall and Through Floor/Ceiling Ventilators.
A unique system designed to distribute heated or cooled air for greater comfort, energy savings and ventilation rates from room-to-room through interior walls or level-to-level through floors/ ceilings is available from Tjernlund Products, Inc.

 Called “AireShareTM”, the ventilators provide homeowners with an unobtrusive, cost-effective way to circulate heated or cooled air from fireplaces, stoves, electric baseboards, split system “ductless” A/C and window A/C units to adjacent rooms.  Complete AireShare information is available at

New ClearControl™ Control Board for Rheem HVAC Commercial Systems
Advances Optimization and Efficiency

Industry Leading Diagnostics on LCD Screen Adds to System Convenience

New ClearControl™ Control Board for Rheem HVAC Commercial SystemsRheem Commercial Contractors are now further empowered to save time and money based on the unparalleled product features of the new ClearControl control board on Rheem commercial equipment. ClearControl enables Contractors to easily identify and address system maintenance, while building management professionals also benefit from its plug and play compatibility with building automation systems. ClearControl is a microprocessor- based control board that was designed to surpass current commercial diagnostic technologies and provide Contractors with 
advanced heating and cooling diagnostics and a 
revolutionary easy-to-read display. 

The communication board can be field installed and communicates in Bacnet IP, Bacnet MS/TP or LonWorks protocols. The new microprocessor based control board will be available in early 2010. It will be factory mounted on 3  to 25 ton package gas electrics, package air conditioners and heat pumps which include RKNL-C, RLNL-C and RJNL-C. For more information, please visit



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