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Southeast HVAC News Guest Column

To Quote or Not To Quote?

By Gary DeWitt, Implementation Manager.
There are times we get to a service call and find a miscellaneous repair that takes us moments to correct with no parts used. The question now is: Do I quote a repair or just collect my Diagnostic/Service Call Fee?

Or, your staff performs a service, and never thinks about quoting the appropriate repair. Besides not having a labor rate high enough to cover costs and provide a return on investment, this is an issue many struggling companies deal with.

To stay in business, we must collect for the service performed, but that doesn’t mean as a company you can’t waive miscellaneous repairs. As a business owner you must then incorporate the corresponding fee into your overhead and consequently increase your labor rate to compensate.

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Here are some sample repairs we often find overlooked:

•Turning a switch on
•Part procurement
•Return trip
•Working in difficult-to-access locations

Our suggestion is to always quote for repair work performed, and if you determine the best course of action is to waive the repair, show the work as no charge to the customer. This shows you are a compassionate company, shows the value of the work performed, and provides the documentation necessary should there be a call back.

Here are examples of actual service calls ...

Customer Won

Customer Lost

We recommend always documenting the appropriate repairs even if you decide to waive them.

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