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Southeast HVAC Directory  Manufacturers Pipes, Valves & Fittings 

  • Artifex Flexible Tubes Ltd - Manufactures stainless steel hose and braid; also makes complete, flexible metal hose assemblies
  • Boiler Tube Company of America - Manufactures and distributes replacement boiler tubes and parts for economizers, superheaters, waterwalls, headers, generating tubes, reheaters, sootblowers.
  • Casting Machining Engineering - Manufactures stainless steel products incl. clamps, unions, tubes, valves, vacuum components, custom products.
  • Clow Water Systems Pipe and Fittings - Manufactures and sells ductile iron pipe and flanged fabricated pipe for treatment plants and underground pipe uses. 
  • Engineering Appliances - Flexible connections, expansion joints, deaerators, dirt separators, automatic air vents.
  • Ensign Condenser Tube Protection - Protect condenser tubes and heat exchanger tubes from erosion, fowling, blockages and leaks. Condenser Tube inserts. Seal leaking condenser tubes.
  • Entire Machinery Co., Ltd. - Manufactures and supplies tubes, hose couplings, fittings and clamps. 
  • Expansion Joint Systems - Manufactures expansion joints and metal bellows for piping and ducting systems.
  • Flexfab Niagara Inc - Manufacturer of gas turbine, composite bellows expansion joints and its assemblies for vibration absorption in duct systems.
  • Flexible Connections - Manufactures flexible hoses, sleeves, bellows, connectors.
  • Flextech Engineering, Inc. - Supplier of expansion joints, tube seals for fired heaters, and high temperature gaskets.
  • George Fischer - Manufactures piping components and systems for industrial applications, gas and water distribution and for domestic installations.
  • Lewis Brass - Supplies bras tubes, pipes, bars and rods. Maintains comprehensive, ready-to-ship inventory, custom dimensions.
  • Merit Brass Company - Manufacturer of brass, chrome plated brass, and stainless steel pipe nipples and master distributes related pipe, valves, and fittings
  • National Copper Products Inc - Manufacture seamless copper tubing, groove tubing, capillary tubing and straight lengths.
  • Nexgen Hose Inc. - Manufactures thermoplastic tubing and hose in standard lots as well to custom requirements. Provides private branding, custom product lengths and sizes, FDA, NSF 51 Listed and NSF 61 Compliant hose, multi layer tubing and hose, multi tube/hose bundles and twin welded hose.
  • PRC Flow Measurement, Inc. - Designs and manufactures tubes, nozzles, plates and meter tubes.
  • Royal Brass and Hose - Provides hoses, tubings, clamps, couplings, gauges, valves and fittings for agricultural, automotive, mining, and industrial applications.
  • Unaflex - Manufactures marine hose for fuel, water, exhaust, electrical conduit. Also, vents and ducting.
  • U.S. Pipe - Designs and produces ductile iron pipes, fittings, valves, hydrants and related products.
  • Victaulic - full range of commercial, industrial and institutional piping systems.




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